Education Help

Ben Westlund has a strong record of supporting education in Oregon. As chair of the budget-writing Joint Ways and Means Committee, he prioritized education during the worst recession Oregon has ever experienced. Ben Westlund has supported higher education by leading the legislature to create a branch campus of Oregon State University in Bend. And in 1999, as a member of the state House of Representatives, Ben Westlund supported legislation to reduce the amount of interest schools pay for bonds, which has saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

Making Health Care Affordable

Oregon has led the nation before in health care reform and we can do it again. We can’t solve the problem of expanding health care costs simply by throwing more money at our current inefficient health system, and we can’t solve it overnight. Senate Bill 329, The Healthy Oregon Act, builds on years of public involvement around several reform efforts and provides a blueprint for improving Oregon’s health care system over the next few years that lowers costs, improves quality and assures every Oregonian affordable health insurance – without excluding preexisting conditions.


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